The Lastwall Campaign

The Adventure Begins

Stolen horses, mysterious sisters and a cursed little village

10/11 2013

Making their way towards the Fangwood in pursuit of the horse thief, the party encountered a pair of scrawny goblins named Cho Cho and Fek. The hungry goblins enjoyed a nice meal with the party before they led them to the thief’s hut where they found the thief carved up and lying dead in his own blood. The party deduced the culprit to be wild wolves before deciding to head back to the Dortrot estate with the “Old Man’s” prized horse, Felicity.

Arriving back at camp they discovered two young women warming themselves up near the fire. They introduced themselves as Natalie and Fionna (or Nat and Fi for short). Two sisters traveling to their father’s estate in the elven lands of Kyonin, hoping to get there before Natalie gives birth to her child. Agreeing to travel together, they escorted the horse back to Lord Dortrot before making their way to Vellumis. Along the way a lost ghost-like figure stumbled into their camp begging for salvation from the Djinn’s curse.

Parting ways with Natalie and Fionna at Vellumis, and content with the bounty they picked up on the horse thief, the party decided to travel to the cursed logging village of Almas found within the treacherous Fangwood. Along the way they once again bumped into the two goblins who informed the party of the orcs movement within the woods. Striking a deal with the party to spy on the orcs the little goblins once again parted ways with the party.

When the party arrived at Almas they were greeted by the ghostly denizens still going on about their daily lives unaware of their now cursed state. Venturing further into the village they heard the quite whimpering of a little girl who told them of the triumphant treasure hunter who was boasting about a magic lamp he had stolen from an orc warlock. After listening to the mans story they made their way to the lamps resting place where they found a magical ring capable of touching the now ethereal lamp. Upon touching the lamp, the old wizard Elric fell prey to the Djinn’s magics and unwittingly released the evil Djinni into the ghost filled tavern. A bloody battle ensued with the party claiming victory over the evil Djinni. Begging for his life the Djinni willingly granted the party 3 wishes before returning to his home plane. They celebrated that night with the freed townsfolk.

Before falling asleep Cady noticed various glowing reds eyes looking at her from the shadows of the trees.



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