The Lastwall Campaign

The Isle (part 3)
  • After a nights rest on the cold library floor, the party made their way towards the servants quarters where they found a wounded man wearing an iron mask. Introducing himself as one of the visions he told the party of his change of heart after he discovered that the other two visions were up to something sinister. Unsure of what to do with him they tied him up and brought him along.
  • Using the three golden keys the party entered the lich’s vault. On the large pile of gold slept a chimera. The party attempted to tame the beast but after being unsuccessful the creature attacked.
  • Richer than before the party returned to the library to count their coin and mend their wounds. While resting around a warm fire the captured vision decided to tell them his story. After revealing his intentions them the party chose to help him stop the other visions from tampering with whatever magical energies still might linger in the tower.
  • Using the orbs inside the obsidian room the elevator transported them to a new location, a large room similar to the vault only this one possessed a black cauldron that swirled with unholy energy. In front of this cauldron stood the other visions. Commanding his men to attack, the lead vision continued with his ritual while the other fiddled with his weapons, unsure of the situation.
  • The party victorious over the vision of magic took their spoils of war and their two captives back to the ship in order to figure out what to do with them in much safer surroundings. Concluding that Marcus was a kinder soul than what they originally believed, the party let him return to Razmiran after stopping briefly at a church to rid him of his infernal wound. The other captured vision, Ivan Cromwell, decided to throw his lot in with the party rather than dying at their hands.
The Isle (part 2)
  • Entering the dark tower the party found themselves transported to an old mansion on top of a snowy peak, miles away from the island. Inside they found spectral party guests enjoying the festivities of a celebration long past. While investigating, Thane noticed that one of the skeletal dragon statues had begun stirring. The party fought off the reanimated dragon, much to the enjoyment of the party guests.
  • After resting briefly in the cellar, Elric and Yevon accidentally activated the statues beyond the obsidian door, teleporting them to another part of the liches tower; a vast library filled with ancient knowledge. Choosing to press on without the rest of their companions, they ventured further into the library, eventually finding the skeletal remains of what looked like a wizard. In one hand it held a lantern that was still lit and in the other hand a large tome. Tempted by what might be behind the thick rune engraved leather the old Elric reached out to it, awakening the skeletal wizard. A bloodly battle was fought, nearly taking both of their lives. But somehow the two barely managed to survive.
  • While Elric and Yevon were off by themselves, Dow, Cady and Thane decided to check out the graveyard. There they found the resting place of Lady Anora, and in her coffin a green orb. Disturbing the remains of Lady Anora did not sit well with the spectral party guests. Upon the parties return they stared at them will cold eyes. Before something could happen, the party stepped into the obsidian room and placed the orb on one of the statues, taking them away. Arriving at the library they found Elric and Yevon bleeding profusely on the floor. Reunited, the party decided to rest up before continuing on.
The Isle (part 1)
  • While the party slept in the hidden cave by the beach Cady noticed someone sneaking up on them. That someone turned out to be Lydia Cromwell, councilman Price’s assistant. When asked why she followed them she requested to be allowed to accompany them in hopes of finding anything that could get her promoted to venture-captain.
  • Traveling through the dead forest the party stumbled upon a fresh body only 2 days old. Elric identified him as a follower of Razmir using the odd wooden mask he was wearing. Using his arcane magic, Elric managed to create a map for them to follow by using the followers blood. Shortly after a group of zombies stumbled upon them but were quickly taken care of.
  • Following the map the party discovered more Razmir followers camping out near the center of the island, outside the forest. Instead of stirring up trouble, the party feigned loyalty to Razmir. The followers happily fed them and told them of what they knew, mentioning a trio of individuals known as “The Visions”.
  • Bored with the situation, Dow began showering the followers with arrows, killing them all. During the commotion, one of the followers mentioned a ship which piqued Elric’s interest. With nothing else to take from their camp, they made their way to the ship.
  • Managing to board the ship Elric began poking around in hopes of finding anything of value, only finding an enchanted great sword and a few gems in one of the visions cabins. He also pocketed his journal before returning to the party.
  • The party made their way towards the lich’s tower where they were attacked by a pair of gargoyles. Defeating them, the party continued into the tower.
The Arrival

A quick recap of last week.

  • While spending more time with Natalie in Omesta, Natalie is approached by a dashing human noble. Cady discovers that it’s Michael Royce attempting to woo her. Taking Natalie aside, Cady tells her who he really is and the two return to her father’s estate together and avoided the situation from going south.
  • Back in Greengold the rest of the party enjoy a relaxing drink at the tavern when they notice a hooded man in black scaled armor fiddling with a dagger. Curious as to who this man may be they hang around for an opportunity to talk to him.
  • After a quick chat with Councilman Price, the party makes their way back to Omesta to reunite with Cady. Once there she tells the party of the strange tracks she found on the forest floor underneath the city. Following the tracks they run into a pair of elven rangers attempting to capture an oread warrior armed with a scimitar and shield. Vouching for the oread, he introduces himself as Yevon Tor and pledges his loyalty to the party for their act of kindness.
  • Following the tracks the party discovers an angel bound to an obsidian boulder with imps prodding at him with wicked spears. After fighting off the imps the angel told them of his failure thousands of years ago and of the powerful demon that imprisoned him; Treerazer, the banished arch-demon that once ruled over the abandoned land of Kyonin. Unable to free the imprisoned angel the party once again returned to Greengold to meet with Councilman Price.
  • Requesting that the party investigate the Isle of Terror, Price hands them a powerful artifact; an orb of storms. Using the orb the party was able to safely land on the beaches of the isle. Unfortunately for them, the restless souls that were taken by the storm emerged upon sensing their presence. Barely surviving the battle with the skeletal pirates, the party found a cave on the cliff side where they could safely rest for the night before venturing further into the island.
The Rescue

Things that happened on our 5th successful session! Woo!

  • Traveling through the vast forest of Kyonin the party came to a small clearing in the woods. There they were attacked by a cloaked figure who called himself Erano Lee. The party barely managed to fight them off. On Erano’s person M’aiq found a letter adressed from the rusted blade. On it, it detailed where Natalie was being held.
  • Following the directions of the letter the party found a sick Natalie at the mercy of the rusted blade and his henchmen. A battle quickly followed with the party claiming victory over the kidnappers. Unfortunately M’aiq was killed during the conflict. Her condition worsening, the party escorted Natalie to Omesta, the gnomish tree city.
  • At Omesta the party was able to find Natalie a healer who turned her dire condition around with a soothing prayer and a healing hand. While Cady and Fionna tended to a resting Natalie, Thane and Dow dealt with the rusted blade and his men.
  • In hopes of collecting on the rusted blades bounty, Thane traveled to a nearby elven outpost with some Omesta escorts. There, he found a letter from the Iadaran high council who expressed their concern for the increased imp sightings in the forest.
  • Cady stayed behind to spend some time with the now awake Natalie while the rest of the party returned to Greengold to deliver the rusted blade. While on the road the party began hearing strange laughter drawing near. The laughter turned out to be a swarm of fiendish imps that attacked the party. They managed to fend them off and successfully delivered the rusted blade to the Greengold officials.
Kyonin at last

A recap on what happened on Saturday, November 2nd.

  • Still on the ship, the party discovered Michael Royce disguised as a deckhand. When asked why he was headed to Greengold he gave them an honest answer, he was in love with Natalie and he was on his way to try and save her.
  • Upon arriving at the docks, the party decided to split up in order to cover more ground. Thane and Fionna went to gather some info on the town and the rusted blade while the rest of the group departed toward the upper district.
  • At the upper district, Elric and Kobad delivered the jade dragon to the overjoyed noble who payed them handsomely for it. Unfortunately, Kobad wanted to take half of the gold from the transaction despite it not being what was originally agreed upon at Lastwall. A fight broke out at the nobleman’s house which lead to Kobad’s death.
  • At the Drunken Faey, Thane and Fionna attempted to gather some intel which turned out to be a bad idea as neither of them really knew what they were doing. Fortunately for them M’aiq managed to smooth things over with a group of thugs, so well in fact that he was able to strike up a deal with them.
  • The job at the docks quickly fell apart as a pair of guards who were on patrol spotted them and attempted to arrest them for disorderly conduct. Some fled while others tried to feign ignorance but were unable to convince the guards of their innocence. Things looked bad until Councilman Price, who was out on his nightly stroll, stumbled upon the desperate party and decided to give them a hand in exchange for a favor. The councilman was very elusive about what he wanted from the party, instead he gave them a travel visa which would allow them to freely venture to Omesta where Natalie’s father lived.
  • On the way to Omesta the party was attacked by a bounty hunter and her dire wolf companion. A bloody battle was fought leading to the hunter’s capture. When her intentions were questioned the party learned of the crime they had apparently committed in Isger. Not knowing what to do, the party left the bounty hunter tied up alone in the woods.
A howl in the night.

A recap of the events that transpired on the night of Saturday, October 26th.

  • On the way to the “old man” the party was ambushed by a huge pack of wolves who were lead by a very intelligent dire wolf. With some druidic spells and an offering of boar, Cady was able to avoid a fight and the party resumed their journey to the Dortrot estate.
  • At the estate the party was able to persuade the old man in helping them track down Natalie and the rusted blade. He offered them free passage on his prized ship which was due to leave for Greengold in a few days.
  • Returning to Vellumis the party heard of the orc attack on Almas from a guard stationed at the gate. He told them that High Commander Wolt had issued all military personnel not currently on duty to report to the newly erected command post near Almas in preparation for an assault on the orcish tribes that made their home in the Fangwood.
  • Choosing to help Fionna and Natalie, the party made their way to the now crowded docks of Vellumis where they met a wealthy Druman merchant named Akiif Ahkiir. Striking up a deal with the Druman merchant, the party agreed to deliver a rare and expensive piece of jewelery to an eager buyer in Greengold in exchange for half of the money he would have made on the purchase.
  • During their journey through the clear waters of Lake Encarthan the ship was suddenly attacked by shambling mounds that had managed to crawl up to the ship’s deck. The party valiantly fought off the mounds but not without losing a few crewmen during the course of the fight. After the creatures were slain Cady noticed that their cores were somehow corrupted. The usual bright pink cores the mounds possessed were instead a sickly brown. Something or someone had turned these normally gentle beasts into the monsters of the lake.
"Orcs. Why'd it have to be orcs?"
Half-orc refugees, a kidnapped sister and a rusted blade.

A quick recap of the events that transpired on the night of Friday, October 18th.

  • Cady tracked down the orcs that had left her with two arrows in her shoulder blade. The party was victorious over their attackers with the help of their old adventuring companion Thane, a half-elf bounty hunter.
  • At Captain Danvers request the party ventured deeper into the woods in search of any orcs that may pose a threat to the little town of Almas.
  • The party discovered a half-orc family happily going about their lives near the waterfall. They chose to track them in hopes of finding the source of the orc incursion. Instead they were ambushed and questioned by a young half-orc sorcerer named Ausk.
  • Ausk told the party of his plan to establish a safe haven for his people deep in the woods. He deduced that the full blooded orcs of the Spineshatter clan he had recently allied himself with were likely the ones behind the attack. He promised the party he would look into it, vowing that the attacks would come to a halt.
  • Upon returning to Almas, Captain Danvers handed them a letter that had arrived shortly after they had departed earlier that day. The letter from Fionna had only a few words but they seemed urgent. The party decided to return to Vellumis with haste.
  • When they arrived a distraught Fionna begged them for help in finding her sister Natalie. She had gone missing a few days after the party had escorted them to Vellumis. After a bit of convincing, Fionna revealed to them Natalie’s blood ties to a well known member of Kyonin’s High Council, a man named Talathel Tessara, which was likely the reason for her kidnapping.
  • After the party roughed up a few thugs, and participated in a bar fight, they discovered that a infamous criminal known only as “The Rusted Blade” was behind Natalie’s kidnapping. After questioning the rusted blade’s right hand man, Michael Royce, they discovered that the rusted blade had already departed towards Greengold, the port city on Kyonin’s shores. Royce informed them of the “Old Man’s” dealings with the rusted blade, suggesting that he had a hand in Natalie’s kidnapping.
  • As Thane and Dow were escorting Royce he struck up a bargain with them for his freedom. He offered them double what the Vigil was paying. The two accepted his offer, letting him go free in return.
The Adventure Begins
Stolen horses, mysterious sisters and a cursed little village

10/11 2013

Making their way towards the Fangwood in pursuit of the horse thief, the party encountered a pair of scrawny goblins named Cho Cho and Fek. The hungry goblins enjoyed a nice meal with the party before they led them to the thief’s hut where they found the thief carved up and lying dead in his own blood. The party deduced the culprit to be wild wolves before deciding to head back to the Dortrot estate with the “Old Man’s” prized horse, Felicity.

Arriving back at camp they discovered two young women warming themselves up near the fire. They introduced themselves as Natalie and Fionna (or Nat and Fi for short). Two sisters traveling to their father’s estate in the elven lands of Kyonin, hoping to get there before Natalie gives birth to her child. Agreeing to travel together, they escorted the horse back to Lord Dortrot before making their way to Vellumis. Along the way a lost ghost-like figure stumbled into their camp begging for salvation from the Djinn’s curse.

Parting ways with Natalie and Fionna at Vellumis, and content with the bounty they picked up on the horse thief, the party decided to travel to the cursed logging village of Almas found within the treacherous Fangwood. Along the way they once again bumped into the two goblins who informed the party of the orcs movement within the woods. Striking a deal with the party to spy on the orcs the little goblins once again parted ways with the party.

When the party arrived at Almas they were greeted by the ghostly denizens still going on about their daily lives unaware of their now cursed state. Venturing further into the village they heard the quite whimpering of a little girl who told them of the triumphant treasure hunter who was boasting about a magic lamp he had stolen from an orc warlock. After listening to the mans story they made their way to the lamps resting place where they found a magical ring capable of touching the now ethereal lamp. Upon touching the lamp, the old wizard Elric fell prey to the Djinn’s magics and unwittingly released the evil Djinni into the ghost filled tavern. A bloody battle ensued with the party claiming victory over the evil Djinni. Begging for his life the Djinni willingly granted the party 3 wishes before returning to his home plane. They celebrated that night with the freed townsfolk.

Before falling asleep Cady noticed various glowing reds eyes looking at her from the shadows of the trees.


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