Welcome to Lastwall.


A brief history

Lastwall was founded with a single purpose in mind, and that ancient purpose still drives much of life today. The nation was founded to keep watch over the Whispering Tyrant, Tar-Baphon, at the end of the decades-long war known as the Shining Crusade. The Shining Crusade ended with the defeat of Tar-Baphon, but the victorious crusaders could not utterly destroy him. Instead they imprisoned him beneath his cursed capital of Gallowspire. Lastwall was founded after this to ensure that the Whispering Tyrant would never escape his eternal prison.

Since its founding, Lastwall has stayed true to its purpose, standing guard against the undead horrors of Ustalav and the savage orcs hordes from the Hold of Belkzen. Both are tenacious foes and require constant vigilance in order to contain them. The orcs in particular have proven particularly troublesome, having pushed back the borders of Lastwall three times since its founding. The current border has held well due to an influx of money and troops from Lastwall’s southern border. It is not as heavily fortified as the Sunwall, the first border with the orcs, or even the ramshackle previous border, the Hordeline.

Lastwall Now

In the recent months the young leader of Lastwall, Watcher-Lord Ulthun II, has finally chosen a suitor among the many that have plagued him and his castle over the years. He has left his uncle,High Commander Nathaniel Wolt, in charge until his marital duties are fulfilled and he can resume his duty to Lastwall once more.

Since then, High Commander Nathaniel has issued new and harsh laws against Lastwall’s Half-Orc citizens. The sudden swell of prejudice against the half-orcs has caused a rift between the humans and orcs of Lastwall. A young half-orc idealist, a sorcerer named Ausk, has unified his people under the promise of escaping the High Commander’s new laws against them. Leading his people into the Fangwood, Ausk joined up with one of the only remaining orc clans in all of Lastwall, the Spineshatter Clan, in hopes of securing a safe haven for his people deep in the wood. Little does Ausk know, the Warchief of the Spineshatter clan has other plans.

While the civil war between the humans and orcs grows in Lastwall, other unsettling things are happening near its borders. A sudden rise in monster sightings on Lake Encarthan has led to the halt of all trade ships from leaving the ports of Vellumis. Only ships heavily guarded with Lastwall soldiers are allowed to traverse the lakes dangerous waters, leading to an overabundance of trade goods to flood the Vellumis streets which invites the attention of thugs and bandits looking for an easy score.

The waters of Lake Encarthan are not the only ones suffering from a sudden rise in monsterous activity. The trade roads of Lastwall have been coming under more and more attacks from various beasts over the last few months further slowing trade in Lastwall. If this continues Lastwall’s defenses could weaken and if it’s enemies were to catch wind of this only ruin would follow.

The Lastwall Campaign

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