Natalie Tessara and Fionna Zeldana


Natalie is a beautiful half-elf girl traveling to her father’s estate in Kyonin accompanied by Fionna. She hopes to get there before her child is born.
Natalie is a pure hearted, softspoken girl who has been described by her close friends as naive to the dangers of the world.

Her half-sister Fionna is a fierce practitioner of the Efreeti style of martial arts. She chose to come with Natalie and act as her bodyguard on her journey.
Like the fire she commands through her martial art, Fionna can be wild and hot headed. She’s known to be stubborn and can be a bit abrasive to others but despite this she is very a caring person to the friends and family she grows to love.


Natalie is the illegitimate only child of High Councilman Talathel Tessara of Kyonin. She spent her early years living with her mother and half-sister in Varisia before joining the church of Desna as a priestess in training.
During her time in the church she fell in love with a young paladin. The two shared months of love and joy before the church found out about their secret relationship, expelling them both from the church. The two stayed together for a time before he returned to his duties as a paladin of Desna, leaving her to take care of herself and their unborn child.

When Fionna was 11 she picked the pocket of a traveling monk enjoying his meal under a shady tree. He was so impressed with her ability to sneak up on him that he offered her lessons in his fighting style. Ever since then she has been a dedicated student of the Efreeti style of martial arts and trains rigorously every day in hopes of mastering her art.
Known as the scarred beauty back home. Fionna traveled all over Varisia in search of glory and adventure until she heard of her half-sisters situation.

Natalie Tessara and Fionna Zeldana

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