Ezekiel, the Angel of Vengeance


Before ascending as an angel of Pharasma, Ezekiel was known as Kiirion Alethiel. An elven prince who ruled over the elves in the year 2523 AR. He was a kind and just leader who ruled his people with patience and compassion. When he was murdered by his power hungry half brother, Kiirion was judged by Pharasma as a pure soul and his life was restored as an angel. Giving him a new name and washing his mortal memories away, Pharasma appointed him as one of her guardians of the underworld.

When Treerazer first battled the elves of Kyonin the agents of Pharasma watched closely. The goddess had decided to leave the warring elves on their own, believing that if they should perish in the fighting then it was their time to depart from the material plane. This did not sit well with Ezekiel who had grown very attached to the elves of Kyonin. Always watching them from beyond a magical looking glass, unaware of his connection to them. Ezekiel decided to venture into the material plane in hopes of saving the elves he had grown so fond of against his gods wishes.

His exploits were quickly known by the warriors of Kyonin. To this day they speak of the orb of light that came down from the clouds to save them from Treerazers forces before disappearing into the trees. For Ezekiel the lives he saved were not enough to ease the pain in his heart. When Treerazer was pushed back into his fortress, he alone charged into his domain. There he was captured, tortured and bound to an obsidian stone where he remains to this day.

Ezekiel, the Angel of Vengeance

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