Arcadia "Cady"

Cady is a bear shaman, and much like a bear, she is even-tempered, but fiercely protective of her own. She prefers the outdoors and is uncomfortable in a city, although she hides it with a smile. She is inseparable from her companion bear, Barnabas


Str 16
Dex 11
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 12

AC 12
Flat-footed 12
Touch 10

Totem Transformation: Bite
Attack Bonus 5

Totem Transformation: Claws (x2)
Attack Bonus 5

Attack Bonus 5

Fort 4
Reflex 3
Will 5


Cady, the daughter of a merchant, felt the call of the woods at the age of 5. She ran away from her city home and was taken in by a commune of druids. There she was renamed from Katherine to Arcadia, a name which befitted her much better, especially given her immediate connection with one of the elder’s bears, a Kodiak bear named Ursala.

She learned from the druids and had a very happy childhood. When she came of age at 15, she was given one of Ursala’s cubs, a small brown fluff named Barnabas.

Once Barnabas was grown enough to safely leave the protection of the tribe of druids, Cady felt that same pull she had felt many years before—she had to go see more of the world. So she packed up her things, such as they were, bought a donkey named Brighty for 8gp, and set off to adventure.

Arcadia "Cady"

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