The Lastwall Campaign

The Isle (part 3)

  • After a nights rest on the cold library floor, the party made their way towards the servants quarters where they found a wounded man wearing an iron mask. Introducing himself as one of the visions he told the party of his change of heart after he discovered that the other two visions were up to something sinister. Unsure of what to do with him they tied him up and brought him along.
  • Using the three golden keys the party entered the lich’s vault. On the large pile of gold slept a chimera. The party attempted to tame the beast but after being unsuccessful the creature attacked.
  • Richer than before the party returned to the library to count their coin and mend their wounds. While resting around a warm fire the captured vision decided to tell them his story. After revealing his intentions them the party chose to help him stop the other visions from tampering with whatever magical energies still might linger in the tower.
  • Using the orbs inside the obsidian room the elevator transported them to a new location, a large room similar to the vault only this one possessed a black cauldron that swirled with unholy energy. In front of this cauldron stood the other visions. Commanding his men to attack, the lead vision continued with his ritual while the other fiddled with his weapons, unsure of the situation.
  • The party victorious over the vision of magic took their spoils of war and their two captives back to the ship in order to figure out what to do with them in much safer surroundings. Concluding that Marcus was a kinder soul than what they originally believed, the party let him return to Razmiran after stopping briefly at a church to rid him of his infernal wound. The other captured vision, Ivan Cromwell, decided to throw his lot in with the party rather than dying at their hands.



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