The Lastwall Campaign

The Isle (part 1)

  • While the party slept in the hidden cave by the beach Cady noticed someone sneaking up on them. That someone turned out to be Lydia Cromwell, councilman Price’s assistant. When asked why she followed them she requested to be allowed to accompany them in hopes of finding anything that could get her promoted to venture-captain.
  • Traveling through the dead forest the party stumbled upon a fresh body only 2 days old. Elric identified him as a follower of Razmir using the odd wooden mask he was wearing. Using his arcane magic, Elric managed to create a map for them to follow by using the followers blood. Shortly after a group of zombies stumbled upon them but were quickly taken care of.
  • Following the map the party discovered more Razmir followers camping out near the center of the island, outside the forest. Instead of stirring up trouble, the party feigned loyalty to Razmir. The followers happily fed them and told them of what they knew, mentioning a trio of individuals known as “The Visions”.
  • Bored with the situation, Dow began showering the followers with arrows, killing them all. During the commotion, one of the followers mentioned a ship which piqued Elric’s interest. With nothing else to take from their camp, they made their way to the ship.
  • Managing to board the ship Elric began poking around in hopes of finding anything of value, only finding an enchanted great sword and a few gems in one of the visions cabins. He also pocketed his journal before returning to the party.
  • The party made their way towards the lich’s tower where they were attacked by a pair of gargoyles. Defeating them, the party continued into the tower.



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