The Lastwall Campaign

The Arrival

A quick recap of last week.

  • While spending more time with Natalie in Omesta, Natalie is approached by a dashing human noble. Cady discovers that it’s Michael Royce attempting to woo her. Taking Natalie aside, Cady tells her who he really is and the two return to her father’s estate together and avoided the situation from going south.
  • Back in Greengold the rest of the party enjoy a relaxing drink at the tavern when they notice a hooded man in black scaled armor fiddling with a dagger. Curious as to who this man may be they hang around for an opportunity to talk to him.
  • After a quick chat with Councilman Price, the party makes their way back to Omesta to reunite with Cady. Once there she tells the party of the strange tracks she found on the forest floor underneath the city. Following the tracks they run into a pair of elven rangers attempting to capture an oread warrior armed with a scimitar and shield. Vouching for the oread, he introduces himself as Yevon Tor and pledges his loyalty to the party for their act of kindness.
  • Following the tracks the party discovers an angel bound to an obsidian boulder with imps prodding at him with wicked spears. After fighting off the imps the angel told them of his failure thousands of years ago and of the powerful demon that imprisoned him; Treerazer, the banished arch-demon that once ruled over the abandoned land of Kyonin. Unable to free the imprisoned angel the party once again returned to Greengold to meet with Councilman Price.
  • Requesting that the party investigate the Isle of Terror, Price hands them a powerful artifact; an orb of storms. Using the orb the party was able to safely land on the beaches of the isle. Unfortunately for them, the restless souls that were taken by the storm emerged upon sensing their presence. Barely surviving the battle with the skeletal pirates, the party found a cave on the cliff side where they could safely rest for the night before venturing further into the island.



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