The Lastwall Campaign

"Orcs. Why'd it have to be orcs?"

Half-orc refugees, a kidnapped sister and a rusted blade.

A quick recap of the events that transpired on the night of Friday, October 18th.

  • Cady tracked down the orcs that had left her with two arrows in her shoulder blade. The party was victorious over their attackers with the help of their old adventuring companion Thane, a half-elf bounty hunter.
  • At Captain Danvers request the party ventured deeper into the woods in search of any orcs that may pose a threat to the little town of Almas.
  • The party discovered a half-orc family happily going about their lives near the waterfall. They chose to track them in hopes of finding the source of the orc incursion. Instead they were ambushed and questioned by a young half-orc sorcerer named Ausk.
  • Ausk told the party of his plan to establish a safe haven for his people deep in the woods. He deduced that the full blooded orcs of the Spineshatter clan he had recently allied himself with were likely the ones behind the attack. He promised the party he would look into it, vowing that the attacks would come to a halt.
  • Upon returning to Almas, Captain Danvers handed them a letter that had arrived shortly after they had departed earlier that day. The letter from Fionna had only a few words but they seemed urgent. The party decided to return to Vellumis with haste.
  • When they arrived a distraught Fionna begged them for help in finding her sister Natalie. She had gone missing a few days after the party had escorted them to Vellumis. After a bit of convincing, Fionna revealed to them Natalie’s blood ties to a well known member of Kyonin’s High Council, a man named Talathel Tessara, which was likely the reason for her kidnapping.
  • After the party roughed up a few thugs, and participated in a bar fight, they discovered that a infamous criminal known only as “The Rusted Blade” was behind Natalie’s kidnapping. After questioning the rusted blade’s right hand man, Michael Royce, they discovered that the rusted blade had already departed towards Greengold, the port city on Kyonin’s shores. Royce informed them of the “Old Man’s” dealings with the rusted blade, suggesting that he had a hand in Natalie’s kidnapping.
  • As Thane and Dow were escorting Royce he struck up a bargain with them for his freedom. He offered them double what the Vigil was paying. The two accepted his offer, letting him go free in return.



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