The Lastwall Campaign

The Isle (part 2)

  • Entering the dark tower the party found themselves transported to an old mansion on top of a snowy peak, miles away from the island. Inside they found spectral party guests enjoying the festivities of a celebration long past. While investigating, Thane noticed that one of the skeletal dragon statues had begun stirring. The party fought off the reanimated dragon, much to the enjoyment of the party guests.
  • After resting briefly in the cellar, Elric and Yevon accidentally activated the statues beyond the obsidian door, teleporting them to another part of the liches tower; a vast library filled with ancient knowledge. Choosing to press on without the rest of their companions, they ventured further into the library, eventually finding the skeletal remains of what looked like a wizard. In one hand it held a lantern that was still lit and in the other hand a large tome. Tempted by what might be behind the thick rune engraved leather the old Elric reached out to it, awakening the skeletal wizard. A bloodly battle was fought, nearly taking both of their lives. But somehow the two barely managed to survive.
  • While Elric and Yevon were off by themselves, Dow, Cady and Thane decided to check out the graveyard. There they found the resting place of Lady Anora, and in her coffin a green orb. Disturbing the remains of Lady Anora did not sit well with the spectral party guests. Upon the parties return they stared at them will cold eyes. Before something could happen, the party stepped into the obsidian room and placed the orb on one of the statues, taking them away. Arriving at the library they found Elric and Yevon bleeding profusely on the floor. Reunited, the party decided to rest up before continuing on.



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