The Lastwall Campaign

Kyonin at last

A recap on what happened on Saturday, November 2nd.

  • Still on the ship, the party discovered Michael Royce disguised as a deckhand. When asked why he was headed to Greengold he gave them an honest answer, he was in love with Natalie and he was on his way to try and save her.
  • Upon arriving at the docks, the party decided to split up in order to cover more ground. Thane and Fionna went to gather some info on the town and the rusted blade while the rest of the group departed toward the upper district.
  • At the upper district, Elric and Kobad delivered the jade dragon to the overjoyed noble who payed them handsomely for it. Unfortunately, Kobad wanted to take half of the gold from the transaction despite it not being what was originally agreed upon at Lastwall. A fight broke out at the nobleman’s house which lead to Kobad’s death.
  • At the Drunken Faey, Thane and Fionna attempted to gather some intel which turned out to be a bad idea as neither of them really knew what they were doing. Fortunately for them M’aiq managed to smooth things over with a group of thugs, so well in fact that he was able to strike up a deal with them.
  • The job at the docks quickly fell apart as a pair of guards who were on patrol spotted them and attempted to arrest them for disorderly conduct. Some fled while others tried to feign ignorance but were unable to convince the guards of their innocence. Things looked bad until Councilman Price, who was out on his nightly stroll, stumbled upon the desperate party and decided to give them a hand in exchange for a favor. The councilman was very elusive about what he wanted from the party, instead he gave them a travel visa which would allow them to freely venture to Omesta where Natalie’s father lived.
  • On the way to Omesta the party was attacked by a bounty hunter and her dire wolf companion. A bloody battle was fought leading to the hunter’s capture. When her intentions were questioned the party learned of the crime they had apparently committed in Isger. Not knowing what to do, the party left the bounty hunter tied up alone in the woods.



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