The Lastwall Campaign

A howl in the night.

A recap of the events that transpired on the night of Saturday, October 26th.

  • On the way to the “old man” the party was ambushed by a huge pack of wolves who were lead by a very intelligent dire wolf. With some druidic spells and an offering of boar, Cady was able to avoid a fight and the party resumed their journey to the Dortrot estate.
  • At the estate the party was able to persuade the old man in helping them track down Natalie and the rusted blade. He offered them free passage on his prized ship which was due to leave for Greengold in a few days.
  • Returning to Vellumis the party heard of the orc attack on Almas from a guard stationed at the gate. He told them that High Commander Wolt had issued all military personnel not currently on duty to report to the newly erected command post near Almas in preparation for an assault on the orcish tribes that made their home in the Fangwood.
  • Choosing to help Fionna and Natalie, the party made their way to the now crowded docks of Vellumis where they met a wealthy Druman merchant named Akiif Ahkiir. Striking up a deal with the Druman merchant, the party agreed to deliver a rare and expensive piece of jewelery to an eager buyer in Greengold in exchange for half of the money he would have made on the purchase.
  • During their journey through the clear waters of Lake Encarthan the ship was suddenly attacked by shambling mounds that had managed to crawl up to the ship’s deck. The party valiantly fought off the mounds but not without losing a few crewmen during the course of the fight. After the creatures were slain Cady noticed that their cores were somehow corrupted. The usual bright pink cores the mounds possessed were instead a sickly brown. Something or someone had turned these normally gentle beasts into the monsters of the lake.



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