The Lastwall Campaign

The Rescue

Things that happened on our 5th successful session! Woo!

  • Traveling through the vast forest of Kyonin the party came to a small clearing in the woods. There they were attacked by a cloaked figure who called himself Erano Lee. The party barely managed to fight them off. On Erano’s person M’aiq found a letter adressed from the rusted blade. On it, it detailed where Natalie was being held.
  • Following the directions of the letter the party found a sick Natalie at the mercy of the rusted blade and his henchmen. A battle quickly followed with the party claiming victory over the kidnappers. Unfortunately M’aiq was killed during the conflict. Her condition worsening, the party escorted Natalie to Omesta, the gnomish tree city.
  • At Omesta the party was able to find Natalie a healer who turned her dire condition around with a soothing prayer and a healing hand. While Cady and Fionna tended to a resting Natalie, Thane and Dow dealt with the rusted blade and his men.
  • In hopes of collecting on the rusted blades bounty, Thane traveled to a nearby elven outpost with some Omesta escorts. There, he found a letter from the Iadaran high council who expressed their concern for the increased imp sightings in the forest.
  • Cady stayed behind to spend some time with the now awake Natalie while the rest of the party returned to Greengold to deliver the rusted blade. While on the road the party began hearing strange laughter drawing near. The laughter turned out to be a swarm of fiendish imps that attacked the party. They managed to fend them off and successfully delivered the rusted blade to the Greengold officials.



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